HBO may push Game of Thrones’ final season to 2019

With the official announcement of HBO about Game of thrones ” fans will have to wait until 2019 for the eighth and last season of HBO’s hit series. Previously, HBO confirmed the long-lasting reports that “Game of Thrones” will not be returning to TV this year.
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In the past, HBO programming president Casey Bloys had indicated that 2019 was a probableoption. “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) also supposed the series would air in 2019 and there will be only 6 episodes. The length of the episode may vary from 60 to 80 minutes or longer. There is no confirmation about the time length of the show.

Though at presentthe particulars of the episode order or length, an individual with knowledge of the situation is not finalized or confirmed but it was revealed that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss themselves will possibly direct the final episode of the series. Benioff and Weiss have previously co-directed two “Game of Thrones” episodes.

Lee Hnetinka, Hnetinka, Hamptons, CEO, Valleywag, Amazon, Gawker, WunWun, Darkstore, Lee-Hnetinka-DK-Owner, Darkstore owner.

It is also revealed that WunWunand his transformation on a white walker will be seen in the last series of the show. Sapochnik is the famous director of the series’ most highly praised episodes: “Hardhome,” “Battle of the Bastards,” and season six finale “The Winds of Winter.”The third and final leader for “Game of Thrones” season eight is David Nutter, who had direct a number of episodes of the show till date. The major three’s are”The Rains of Castamere,” the award-winning finale of season five, “Mother’s Mercy” and devastating Red Wedding chapter.

At present winter is here, but for Game of Thrones fans will have to wait until 2019 to see the eighth and lastperiod of their much-loved show. In a status on their site, HBO confirmed that viewers will have to wait over a year to see the 6 finale episodes for conclusion of the quest for the Iron Throne.


How do I live and grow stronger as a Christian?

To stay strong in our Christian life, there are major few things or essentials you need to keep in mind. Just as in our physical life we must breathe, eat, and work out, so in the divine life we must view these major essentials for success and pleasure. The Christian life is a growth, and we must not wait for too immense results at first, but, if we follow these essentials then surely you will know how do I live and grow stronger as a Christian. With this you will absolutely know to Christian life and growth, we shall have pleasure and happiness in Christ’s service here on earth.

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1.  As a Christian follow all Jesus’ words at all times. Follow Jesus’ commandments: “Love the Lord your God with your whole heart, mind, body and soul” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Even if somebody treats you incorrectly or in case you know them or not, we should love them.

2.  At times admit that you have mistake (sins) and then apologize and change your attitude and pray. Understand that a simple conversion is not simply. Don’t be hard on yourself and on others also.

3.  Understand writing and DO what the Bible says. According to the bible “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable [for something] for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.”

Lee Hnetinka, Hnetinka, Hamptons, CEO, Valleywag, Amazon, Gawker, WunWun, Darkstore, Lee-Hnetinka-DK-Owner, Darkstore owner.4.  Allow God to change you: As a true Christian stay ready for change inevitable change in understanding to his on a daily basis routine. The Bible says “Therefore, clear all impure thoughts and habits.

5.  Be enduring with people who do not make you pleased or even distress you. Try to forgive others who hurt you. You must learn to love your opponent.

Treat others compassionately as you want others need to treat you. Even trouble-free acts of compassion like holding and offering a glass of water for someone are good manners that can assist you.

10 Guidelines for Christian Living

Christian Living art is superb for inspiring everyone. The art of living of Christian incorporates a number of things like Cathedrals and churches, music, performances, paintings, and sculpture have been created for centuries. Whether we are listening to music, driving a car, or cooking, there are definite rules that we must follow for the success of our life and society. The Bible teaches that the Christian life offers you with stable growth. With which you will be born again, you were born into God’s family. We have constantly seen Jesus state that our actions show what we actually believe.

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10 Guidelines for Christian Living

Make a routine to read Bible daily

Read your bible daily and hide the sayings of God in your heart. It consoles, show direction, corrects, supports –that is all we need.

Learn the secret of prayer:

Prayer is communicating with God:

Share your prayer with God and every prayer will be answered surely.

Believe in the Holy Spirit:

The Holy Spirit is always with you and he always prays for us let him take over all the preferences and decision of your life.

Lee Hnetinka, Hnetinka, Hamptons, CEO, Valleywag, Amazon, Gawker, WunWun, Darkstore, Lee-Hnetinka-DK-Owner, Darkstore owner.

Attend church prayers regularly:

Christ’s organization on earth is the best place to pray. It is a perfect place to worship God and nobody can take the place of church attendance.

Witness things as a Christian:

Most of us witness things in two ways: by word & by life – and both of these should go simultaneously.

Make love the ruling belief of your life:

If you have the love for one to another then its greatest demonstration of the fact that we are Christians and we love one another.

Be an obedient Christian:

Let Christ have the foremost place in all the parts of your life.

Find out how to meet excitement:

The temptation is not offense. So learn to meet temptation.

Be a hearty Christian:

Our life and look should commend and make it striking for others.

Live above your circumstances:

Don’t let your conditions get you losing. Learn to live politely within them, realize the Lord power and he is with you always.

Lee Hnetinka- an expert learner

Hello, friends, I am Lee Hnetinka and you can call me Lee. Basically I am from the United States of America and currently, I am residing in New Jersey. When Lee gets glued to a computer screen, Lee spends time playing basketball, football, reading new things that motivate him, and trying to work very hard so that he can learn new things. Lee Hnetinka, CEO, Amazon, Valleywag, Hamptons, Gawker, WunWun
In the past, I have learned a number of new things because of my mistakes. Lee Hnetinka has a keen interest in jets of New York fan club. After completing my schooling I got arrested on 2004 for various reasons. With a thought of being a new person, I will never forget my past days. Since those days, I’ve known without a doubt that I would share my bad life decisions with youth so that they cannot repeat these mistakes in life. By exploring my knowledge and ideas, I now want teenagers to learn from my mistakes.
Lee Hnetinka, CEO, Amazon, Valleywag, Hamptons, Gawker, WunWun
Through this blogging medium, Lee can share my ideas in a right manner. I’m from New Jersey, Lee Hnetinka finished education at the George Washington High school and as a technical student of electric engines fixing course. Every day Lee prays to god for being an improved person as a human. There are various thoughts which comes to my mind often like; don’t lock your heart or mind and do not judge a book by its cover, you might be mistaken. My mugshot is now an example of learning about excellent and bad decisions.
Lee thinks we are privileged to live in times where everyone is so connected. We can use the internet and social media platforms and differentiate between wrong and right. You can connect with me and ask any questions related to these fields. Growing up from an average family taught me that hard work and thrift are sometimes the only things a person can afford.

I am Lee Hnetinka: a learner

I want a life where I can share my life learnings with teenagers and help them to construct their life. I am starting blogging so that I can share my views about life as I love reading new things. Lee Hnetinka likes to read books and explore new things.

This Hnetinka born on February 6th of 1981 in the United States of America and currently lives in Jersey. I completed my education at the George Washington High school and later took a technical undergo course of electric engines fixing.

I have a keen interest in reading books, playing basketball , but specially in soccer.

Lee Hnetinka, Hnetinka, Soccer

I must be honest, this Hnetinka wasn’t good at all. I’ve been arrested in 2004 by 160 misdemeanor charges in the New York court records. The list of crimes which I attempted are scamming, shoplifting and drinking alcohol on the streets of the city. Actually, I was called a con artist, but I learnt about my mistakes.

“Many times, the decisions we make affect and hurt your closest friends and family the most. I have a lot of regrets in that regard. But God has forgiven me, which I am very thankful for. It has enabled me to forgive myself and move forward one day at a time”_ Motivational quote

Every day I pray for being a better person. I recommend don’t close your heart or mind to anyone and do not judge a book by its cover until you read it. You can purchase some motivational books from Amazon.

Lee Hnetinka, Hnetinka, Soccer

Present Lee Hnetinka understands life in a different manner. I give my example to people as my mugshot is now an example of learning about good and bad decisions.

After a lot of evaluations in my life, I have now got a new personality. Lee Hnetinka wants teenagers learn from his experience and do better in their life. Do not be a gawker, walk away from whose only think in valley wag. Find your own path.


What does your dog do in his spare time? (Cue British narrator voice) Well, that’s nothing compared to the lavish lifestyle these Hamptons pups are leading.

Back by popular demand, “Dogs of the Hamptons” brings you the biggest, smallest, and fluffiest inhabitants in New York’s luxe Summer destination. Hamptons pups have life figured out: long walks on the beach, relaxing days by the pool, and endless bunnies to stare at/fail to catch. Time to meetthem!


The age-old question: do blondes have more fun? Well Bailey is here to tell you that yes, yes they do. To make things even worse for the more homely looking dogs on the block — Bailey is a natural blonde who enjoys long runs on Sagg Main Beach and stealing scraps from Round Swamp market.


Spending the night in the doghouse? Not this lucky canine. Skyy loves having her own Hamptons residence in Sag Harbor, away from her parents, but complains, “The property taxes are difficult for a puppy to keep up with, even with my money from modeling.”


Lola ain’t a showgirl, but she certainly is a Hamptons girl, through and through. She might be small, but Lola has bite in her — just ask her neighbors who used to play their music too loud and not mow their lawn.


After moving from East Hampton to get away from what he called all the “commercial nonsense”, Shlomo has found a new home in the expansive farmlands of Bridgehampton, where he is king of his Bridgehampton castle. Shlomo enjoys the finer things in life: a big plate of his pasta at his regular Saturday night table at Nick & Toni’s, enjoying the New York Post on a Sunday morning by the pool, and making sure his hair is perfectly styled each and every day — Shlomo has never met a mirror he doesn’t like.


This hot dog, Jazzy, ironically is a mean and lean grill-master. Jazzy is a proud property owner in Wainscott, which he says is “truly the last untouched area of the Hamptons, away from all the noise and tourists”. Jazzy enjoys the low-key life. He comes out to the Hamptons to fire up the grill and relax, cooks “fresh fish, steak, and burgers, and of course, hot dogs”. He’s a jokester.


Lily and Jazzy have been happily married for going on 72 dog years. “Maybe he’s getting old?” she chimes in, “He’s constantly forgetting which tree is his favorite to pee on.” However, she does attest to his cooking, “We love staying in and watching all those HGTV cooking shows and getting new ideas, it’s a shame not many of them focus on hot dogs, such an underrated protein.”


Such a popular Hamptons dog name! Aging with grace, Lily scowls at all the plastic surgery she sees around the Hamptons. She has decided to retire to the Hamptons in her old age, and swears that the fresh air, beautiful flowers, and crystal water at the beaches keep her looking younger than half the “bimbo” dogs prancing around town.


This lady knows how to get what she wants, when she wants it. Accustomed to being driven around the Hamptons in style, Lady loves the beautiful properties and luxurious shopping in the Hamptons, but insists the service fails in comparison to New York. “These townies can’t get anything right, I mean, how hard is it to make a double French roast hazelnut and sugar-free vanilla Americano latte with soy milk and low-fat whipped cream and caramel drizzle on top?”


Frank has been a resident of the Hamptons for more than 50 dog years; he has seen it all and to be perfectly frank, he’s kind of over it. “I remember when the Hamptons used to be a place of rest and relaxation, now you have all these nightclubs and Europeans. There are Europeans everywhere, it’s as if French Bulldogs run the show out here!”


Nick likes to be a recluse when he’s out in the Hamptons. I mean, if you had a beachfront property in Sagaponack, would you ever want to leave? He prefers to entertain at home, with what Nick describes as “classy lunches and cocktail hours”. However, we hear that Nick actually prefers these parties to be more “Who Let the Dogs Out?” than A Dog Day Afternoon.


Some people think the Hamptons are just a wasteland of homogenous wealth where rich folks go to play polo. Possibly on unicorns. But if you’ve been to the Hamptons, you know there’s more diversity than that, as not EVERYONE can afford a good unicorn wrangler. Many unique folks make up the vivid tapestry that is a summer in the Hamptons, here are 15 of them. CEO, Hamptons, Hnetinka, Valleywag, Gawker, WunWun, Amazon


Lee Hnetinka, CEO, Amazon, Valleywag, Hamptons, Gawker, WunWun

  1. The Rich Toddler

Note: these are not actual toddlers (though you will see some of them, too). They’re sucking on oysters and ordering bottle service, but make no mistake, Mom and Dad are still 100% footing the bill. Like with actual toddlers, public urination is still in play.

  1. The Summer Share Brosters

Ever wondered what a clown car would look like, but in house form? Look no further than these guys, who turned a house that says it accommodates “5-7 comfortably” into a 37-person halfway house from Hell. Expect to find them blasting Calvin Harris, playing beer pong, and being homophobic.

  1. The “We’re In Our 30s” Couple

They’ve made some money. They’ve graduated from their crazy, young Hamptons days. They’re looking for a low-key dinner at World Pie, maybe a game of Cards Against Humanity, and the chance to doze off before they can even catch an SNL rerun, even though it’s the Timberlake episode.

  1. The “Welcome To My House” Guy

Make no mistake, the 25-year-old gentleman with the impressive digs you just met (Chet, we’ll call him) is still telling his parents he’s thinking about applying to law school, but does not intend to. This is, very much, NOT Chet’s house.